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What people are saying about Paul

I commissioned Paul to convert a Top Flight 1/5 scale arf (Tarheel Hal) to a razorback modelled on the full size aircraft at Duxforth (Snafu)

All I can say is what an amazing job he did, the guy is a true pro and knows his trade inside out! Nothing was a problem for Paul and I received regular photo updates of the build as it progressed which was nice.

Not only did I take delivery of a first class model built to my exact specification, Paul also made the first test flight and transferred all the correct settings to my Tx All in all a fantastic service from a great guy, I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone.

Steve Kendall 07970685685

I`m not one to do things by halves and like things done properly so in planning the first project with Paul I very quickly found he was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.   In fact, his enthusiasm matched mine and that alone compensated for what I didn`t know.   

Customer care is an important issue in his approach to both his business dealings and in the presentation of the finished product and can only come from the highest standards in both technical knowledge and its application and because his professional approach is first class he also has a crucial advantage.   In today`s business environment many offer a rather "sharp" image which may do well at high powered meetings and conferences but Paul`s enthusiasm and personality give him an edge which makes you want to listen to what he says.   Ask him to show you his standard of scale finish and it will become obvious that Paul`s one of those rare individuals who can balance technical application with an appreciation of form.   In fact, his apprenticeship as a decorator has developed into a skill which makes him a real artist.   Anyway, this chap is exceeding my expectations in producing a very large scale twin, will go on to deal with a second large project and he does it so economically!

I can`t speak highly enough of him.

Stew Brown. 
"Never seen a guy work harder for his customer than Paul.  Even after the plane was delivered, readied and flown.  In fact the plane had some minor scrapes and bruises from the initial few flights and Paul stayed there and fixed them all.  The whole time his customer seemed unappreciative, but Paul remained determined to please.  He never asked for anything in return for his extended service."

- Scott

Several years ago I met Paul (Limey) and told him I had a couple of ARF planes (an 82 inch PT-19,  60 size Corsair) that I just don’t have time to put together. He said he would do the work and offered a fair price. Not only did he do the planes in short order, but he fixed a couple  of engineering mistakes that the ARF manufacturer went cheap on. (Better hinges were installed, better tail wheel assembly on PT-19 was installed, switches were located so that they weren’t as visible as plans called for but still accessible, Cowls were fitted with better attachments than the cheap wood screws the manufacturer included and more.

He wasn’t free, but he did what needed to be done and should be done, and at a fair price.  I would gladly have “Limey” work on any of my planes anytime.

- Tom “Buckmeister” R/C Universe Corsair Brotherhood # 69

Knowing Paul while he was living in Florida I found his ability to produce large complex aircraft in an incredible short amount of time I am talking show quality that I would never be hesitant in taking to any of the top events in the States.  Easy to get along with, we tried to teach him propped English over here but it did not work. If I was pressed for time between work and family I would not hesitate to give Paul a call to build me new aircraft. 

- Tom Smith Sarasota, Fl


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